A transcript of the statement from WMC-A's Co-Executive Mr Goran Kotev

World Macedonian Congress - Australia public announcement..

The State Governments interference in the attempted dismissal of Whittlesea Councils Mayor Cr Emilia Sterjova has raised some serious questions about the former CEO and brought forward serious allegations of corruption and cronyism within the ALP.

22 year old Cr Sterjova, the youngest ever mayor in Australia was targeted by her former Labour party handlers after she was tasked with the removal of former Victorian Police Commissioner Simon Overland as CEO from Whittlesea Council by her fellow councillors.

Clouded by allegations of corruption in his role at Whittlesea, Overland repeatedly raised the ire of the elected officials who often claimed that his interest lay elsewhere during his tenure as CEO.

The former CEO's eventual dismissal was preceded by allegations from his Labour Party cronies about the supposed incompetence of Whittlesea's elected council.
In an attempt to discredit Cr Sterjova, the ALP has regularly fed character assassination and misinformation about the 22 year old Mayor into the Australian media.

Allegations of bullying and threats were brought forward by the Mayor herself last week in an emotional address to chambers where Cr Sterjova openly spoke of intimidation, harrassment, bullying and threats from other councillors with known party loyalties.

Cr Sterjova was also subjected to a personal campaign of rape and death threats from a known, self-proclaimed fascist and neo-Nazi based on her ethnic identity and gender that had supporters of the 22 year old mayor beside themselves in distress.

Further allegations have also surfaced that the same self-proclaimed neo-Nazi’s presence at a recent trumped up council disciplinary session for Cr Sterjova was known to police but he was allowed to stay despite it resulting in a breach of an AVO brought against him by the young Mayor.
The meeting was called to discipline Cr Sterjova for.... wait for it... dancing with a Macedonian flag at a private function where she was an invited guest.

Allegations have also surfaced that the known neo-Nazi was encouraged to attend so that he could actively antagonise supporters of the Mayor from the Macedonian community with a view to creating tensions that could then in turn be attributed back to the current Mayor and the council in general and to allegedly cause disruptions in relations between the Macedonian and Greek communities of Melbourne who are trying to move forward with their lives in Australia despite overseas political issues.

The tensions came to the fore outside of that same council meeting on the day in question, resulting in charges being laid against some members of the Macedonian community culminating in cries of an unnecessary, excessive and one sided police response linked back to Simon Overlands former 'mates' still in the police force.

The entire police action has been extremely disrespectful to the Macedonian community with the exercise prompting early morning house raids, property seizures and DNA taken when it served no purpose in the investigation.

Sources have revealed that the man in question allegedly had other political affiliates there with him conducting surveillance on Macedonian Human Rights advocates and supporters of Cr Sterjova from the Macedonian community effectively stalking its members and arranging to intimidate them at a later time.

When asked on the day, a known former associate of the man was quoted as saying "He has infiltrated the Australian Patriotic Movement to spread his Greek ultra-nationalist agenda (Megali Idea) - an imperialistic plan to forcibly annex neighbouring lands and "Hellenise" the local Macedonian population in Greece, committing genocide against those who resist.".. He has recruited members of the APM to assist him with his anti-Macedonian activities, as witnessed on the day.

The man has run multiple social media channels called Australian Meditations via YouTube and Facebook, which were taken down following the Christchurch massacre for espousing the same hateful propaganda as the shooter. This was done at the behest of the Australian government who threatened to sue the platforms, effectively giving them a voice to his target audience. His personal FB accounts are still active and are still used to stalk women of various statuses and where he’s turned his focus towards Macedonian Student Bodies and Unions.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the police response to this predator and his activities has been highly ineffective to date and that the entire episode has been politically manipulated to serve the interests of an elite brigade of political antagonists.

The Macedonian community may have no choice but to initiate protests in the matter as its portrayal in Australian media thus far has been biased and slanderous.

Mr. Goran Kotev
National Co-Executive
World Macedonian Congress - Australia

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