Exclusive interview with Biljana Vankovska

Exclusive for Falanga Prof. Dr. Biljana Vankovska.

1. Respected professor Vankovska who is your motivation to run in this presidential election in the Republic of Macedonia , performing live as an independent candidate?

My candidacy is a kind of challenge for all those who say they are fed conflict , the division of " our " and " your " politicization of every pore of society , the scandals , corruption scandals , the divisions along ethnic and other grounds .

Much of the Macedonian society is frustrated and depleted without real hope that something can be changed , because there is no proper election bid .

I decided to get out of the teaching office and test readiness and desire for right candidate is a person , not a party offer.

If 20 years speak loudly , analyze , criticize and point , now I have full civil and moral right and start to change something , to show that politics is not a sphere reserved for only professional politicians , in respect of which I have not only pure biography , but knowledge and credibility .

Independent candidate for president of the Republic, it seems like wasting hope of overcoming the divisions , and the term is not getting the parties , not by ethnic leaders , but directly by the citizens.

With such a mandate , the president would become an important factor in political life , not a passive observer and a puppet of the centers of power .

2. Since when starting to collect signatures from citizens of the Republic of Macedonia for your support as a candidate for the Presidential candidate in 2014 elections ?

The procedure for collecting signatures last only 15 days , from 16 February to 2 March.

Until the last day the SEC calculating decision to increase the number of places where citizens can give a signature , and at 12:05 ( figuratively speaking ) to open offices in all municipalities , but put me in an impossible situation View all spent , so we focus only on the largest municipalities , hoping there will get support on the basis of everything we have achieved in your career and public engagement as an independent candidate.

3. Diaspora can you or can be signed only to vote ? ( More details as and when you can vote Macedonians living outside Macedonia )

Amendments to the Electoral Code created legal opportunities and diaspora gives signatures , but since the entire burden of a potential candidate (from print lists , Binding , diostribucija , poteshnski costs , authorizing proxies etc. . ) - It's something that I could to allow it , although I know that I have a lot of support outside of Macedonia .

Therefore, we ask all of our out of their homeland to understand the reasons for this move , but I depend on them for the actual race .

Everyone who lives abroad and has Macedonian citizenship , should be reported to the diplomatic and consular missions around the world and also expressed a desire for the election day ( April 13) to cast their votes .

I hope that you will find on the ballot , and all those who now would like to give me a sign, let him keep his enthusiasm for Election Day .

4. Are you facing some problems ? What campaign will apply ?

The problems are huge , but I knew . What they do not know is to go emozhe fps unwillingness of the state to provide equal treatment to each individual who will be in a position to run .

But that part is dealing with, thanks to an extensive network of volunteers who spontaneously gathered around me .

These are mainly young people with great education and great enthusiasm and belief that doing something for yourself , not for me .

Are collected in an egalitarian clique , so we try to create something unprecedented in the political scene .

All help as they can by themselves . But let's not be unfair : there are many older and well -educated housewives and unemployed who are offered even to share flyers .

I vowed to lead nekampanja - citizens are tired of bezobrzano expensive campaigns , traveling circuses , of blackmail and bribery, and the citizens they want to offer something new , cost effective , creative and usually something that they will respect and understand .

So far my financial capabilities are so weak that rely on Internet communication , but if I do the actual race will go on direct meetings with citizens .

Everywhere where I can attain. Of course , the diaspora is something that I can touch except media and Internet communication .

5. What is your stance on security and defense of the Republic of Macedonia ?

This issue would split into two sub - security and defense ! In the defense area , for many years we have invested a lot in adapting NATO criteria .

The main motivation was that NATO will create conditions for faster EU integration and to stimulate economic development , attract foreign investment . So far , none of this happens . NATO and the EU delivers requests , but does not open the gates .

Macedonia makes a lot not only in NATO missions , but several years ago, and the U.S. mission in Iraq.

We're good when they need soldiers , but do not recognize the name , and therefore not ' keep the gates of the Alliance .

Fortunately, no casualties , but no one thinks about that moment .

Macedonia has developed an almost religious attitude toward NATO and the EU , so there is no questioning of what we invest , and we get why the finest military professionals we are in Afghanistan , military personnel at home and have a low social status.

I think ten years participating in various missions , some of which were contrary to international law , the constitution and the law must develop rational debate and define policies on these issues.

I 'm questioning our involvement in foreign missions , when no peace and legitimacy of the UN.

When it comes to safety , despite some global threats (such as climate change, that we hardly perceive and react ) , we think about and something called human security - security man in terms of his well-being and physical and spiritual integrity .

I think more emphasis should be put on regional relations , regional security if you like, because the Balkans works on the principle of connected vessels and action - reaction .

6. Your opinion on recent developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina ?

And worst of all is that developments in BiH were so predictable : Frankenstein - state created amidst war divided entities and complex structure , with nationalist elites are corrupt and incompetent.

Society burdened with war trauma , and no real prospects for economic development , and responsible protectorate status .

Children born after the war (1995 ) are already angry and disgruntled youths .

As far as guilt is found in the local elites , as in the model and the treatment of foreigners .

For nearly 20 years , very little has been done to create a sustainable economy and other perspectives .

The anger is justified , but the bad is that behind this wave of discontent has organized force and vision further.

Now we see a wave of resignations , tremors , and even destruction .

If we are wise, we will learn that we can not wait to anger hits the streets , but to begin to change the real situation and change the elites and nespoosoibnite through institutional mechanisms and without violence .

Some angry that I do not like intellectual support these outbursts of discontent , but I 've since reserved for these turbulent times the result may not be democratic.

Anger and violence do not lead directly to democratic change .

We need radical change from the base , until the above , give rise to new elites and new policies , and korumpiuranite and unable to be shown the door .

You and my rank to evaluate a move in that direction : let neshpto introduce new, something that the elites are not ready .

7. If you are elected president what would be your position on behalf of the Republic of Macedonia and Greece ?

My position as an intellectual and as president would be the same : change the constitution under pressure from the outside is not out of the question , and the name change will not only not be European criteria , but is anti-European , something that is contrary to all values which represents the EU .

It is too high a price for entering a military alliance or to start negotiations without a certain end.

But you have to have a proactive approach : first we attempted to burst fog and Secrecy in which the negotiations .

No one has a mandate , not even the President of the Republic, to make a decision to change the constitution without consulting the citizens , with all relevant groups in society .

Based on internal consensus on this issue , we will have a stronger international position , and would have avoided the trap of organizing a referendum and move the "ball " of citizens .

8. According to you what is the problem of Greece and Macedonia ?

In a word , the classic Balkan nationalism , strengthened the position of power ( NATO and EU veto ) . This is an asymmetric conflict in which Greece has nothing to lose , and we lose a lot.

We lose not ' hold ' hanging in the air , our land , " we lose breath and motivation for real reform , we feed their own nationalism inside us and eats confronted , they become easy prey for manipulation .

Greek society , unfortunately , are not confronted with his past and 100 years since the Civil War .

I would like to open the doors for what is called public diplomacy and the establishment of contacts between the vivid cultural workers , athletes , NGOs , academics , human rights , etc. .

If the Greek president wants to talk to me , then I would talk with Mr. Tsipras .

Untapped opportunities for communication and understanding there .

Whatever the relationship now , we remain live together in this region , and ordinary citizens have no hostile feelings toward each other , but the scene elites confront EB also collect points for internal use .

9. Originally announced request for kosenzualen president and now Civil Society " Awake " called for a boycott of the Albanians in this presidential election , your comment ? What is a consensus president and that is your position on the call of this association ?

Boycott is not only bad for democracy , but also a kind of blackmail and pressure.

I hope you will not come to that . It is sad that it is already clear that the Albanians will not come up with a candidate ( with the exception of one independent candidate who honestly I do not know ) .

Behind the idea of ​​consensual candidate standing idea of ​​electing the president of the Parliament and the Badinter majority.

It would be another step towards the ethnicization and politicization of everything that exists in the political arena .

When the coalition parties would come out with a joint candidate , it would be good , but bad when they argue that such a candidate would be the right ( and only authentic ) and representative of ethnic Albanians .

 Where then are the others? Where are those who are not members or supporters of these two parties ? Macedonia ' should civil, not consensual president !

10. Lastly you need to have in your program and what facilities should possess (to realize its program) the next President of the Republic of Macedonia ?

In short , we need three key things : credibility (meaning independent position clear mandate from the citizens , no political or other storage ) , knowledge of the political system and international relations , and familiarity with people.

I think that's what I can offer , along with the specific vision for the country's development in the next five years .

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