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Exclusively for Falanga - Prof. Dr. Jove Kekenovski.

1. Professor Jove Kekenovski VMRO DPMNE convention is on 1 March 2014 for selection of candidates for the presidential elections in April this year . From when you are a member of this political party ?

· I was four months announced their candidacy Convention VMRO DPMNE and hopefully it will not be rejected , but it will be appreciated that in a fair and democratic procedure will take part in the race for selection of a candidate for President of the Republic of Macedonia as a candidate of VMRO DPMNE . As for my membership in the party I attended the founding of the VMRO DPMNE in the House of Youth May 25 to June 17, 1990 , and officially a member (along with my brother ) , became the founding meeting of the party Chair , one month later .

2. What is your motivation to run in this presidential election in the country ?

· The motives are multilateral but basic motive is the way in which this function is performed by all previous presidents . In my deep conviction for all these years failed to see and authoritative president with dignity and integrity , a president who will rise above party and will be president of all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia . Or we had a president who , he was shedding tears and begged not to leave you alone , " we had a president who has called , gragjaniniot Trajkovski ," we had a president, a person B.C " president who remained deeply in the shadows of the party that nominated . The second reason is that I am not sufficiently expert shod , a 51 year life have not only empirical but also life experience that gives me the right I can not guarantee , and citizens can be confident that as president of the Republic of Macedonia to perform successfully , correctly , professionally and conscientiously while maximally protecting Macedonian state and national interests , symbolizing and promoting unity as the desired state of internal and external plan

3. Are you facing some problems ?

· So far I do not have any serious problems , but there are just some of my attempts devaluation by a small group of nekadarni poltronski friendly and party activists (and imagine those who until recently were members of numerous other parties , and of the recently found refuge VMRO DPMNE ) in the lower strukuri party that I called , lobe ( otom ) Horde of Iraq , credited " field activists ." These small and faceless people without the knowledge of the head of the party started with the belief of the membership to vote on , their " levucharski trainees with overdue national consciousness . But these attempts more jeopardized and harmed party than me , because I doveduvaaat mislead the membership and thereby inflict strife and bad blood in the party and that unity is more than necessary . At this point I want to brag a principle regarding the heads of the party so far shown pricipielnost in terms of the agreement . I say so far , although I 'm not sure how that relationship will be on tomorrow , although I wish it to remain the same .

4. What is your stance on security and defense of the Republic of Macedonia ?

· President of the Republic . Macedonia in the field of defense is the supreme commander of the armed forces of the Republic . Macedonia and while in this area has more operational responsibilities in terms of determining the strategy and plan for the defense of the state , use and mobilization of the army , the command determines how the Army decides to equipping and training of the army , sets and dismiss the Chief General Staff , promoted and dismissed generals and other jurisdictions , although in this area as president would have been stronger if Dalkey Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia in 1993 is reduced several constitutional responsibilities of the Ministry of Defence. In the area of security we see his role as President of the Security Council of the Republic . Macedonia , mainly on issues related to security and defense of the state and giving suggestions to the Parliament and the Government to improve the situation in this area as well as the appointment of the Director of Intelligence . General conditions in these two areas are satisfactory , but not as stable as they wish since everything that happens to us as well as the internal nadovoreshen plan as a result of the final intolerable and unacceptable and politicization of these two areas .

5. Your opinion on recent developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina ?

· Developments in BiH classic example of how fragile peace ostensible democracy , irresponsible politicians and inadequate economic and social policy can lead to disastrous consequences . What happened is a clear message that citizens are overworked and do not want to slushaaat more exhausted nationalist and chauvinist rhetoric of politicians . They said , stop and end " the constant lies and unfulfilled promises of politicians who are not able to find a solution to their existential problems are greater .

6.  If you are elected president, what would be your position on behalf of the Republic of Macedonia and Greece

· My view name is familiar and straight . Negotiations name out of all civilization , moral and legal norms and enter the field of inalienable rights . The choice of the name of the state is vostroga internal jurisdiction of the citizens of a state . And for me this issue with our southern neighbor is more than illusory dispute . When I personally would have asked , I would cut negotiations . I accept the elaboration and explanation of expert Prof. Igor Janev that upon receipt of our country in the United Nations and placed unlawful and without legal basis , two additional conditions for admission : 1 ) . accept temporary denomination ( I would say nekrofilska reference FYROM ) for use within the United Nations and 2 ) . to negotiate with our southern neighbor for its name . In this way, our country , the Republic of Macedonia is challenged unjustified disadvantage compared to other countries such as the procedure for admission and after admission. So is riding roughshod over and brazenly injured principle of " sovereign equality " of states, contained in paragraph 1 of Article 2 of the UN Charter . That the adoption of Resolution 817/1993 of Security Council Resolution 47/225 ( 1993 ) of the General Assembly violated in Article 4 , paragraph 1 , and Article 2 , paragraphs 1 and 7 of the Charter of the World organization , and therefore Greek views about our name is not legally based . The principle of sovereign equality of States ( Article 2 , paragraph 1 of the Charter ) and the principle of inviolability of the legal personality of the state ( contained in the " Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States in accordance with the Charter of UN " ) clearly indicate that the state has an inalienable right to independent independent choice of its name .

So the error did those in 1993 led to our procedure admitted to UN and imagine those same personalities today zalagaaat little more spine to bend and be pookoperativni ! ! . Unfortunately toku them because today we do not have many alternatives because we are tied to our admission to the UN denominiranoto name and have a commitment until the dispute is resolved it to apply , but also to negotiate . Anyway me personally (and every Macedonian ) is important to me in those negotiations do not endanger the Macedonian identity , language and culture . If you already are forced to continue the negotiations , we megjuvrme must take other measures that do not poprechuvaaat and not konfrontiraaat process of negotiations . If the political problem is transferred to the legal field we should now vopostavime a new relation of direct relations with the UN and to use legal and political means to redress the great wrong that has been done .

And so he says Prof. Janko Bacev at the start trying to repair this historic injustice we need to start from najmaku three assumptions that are taken for undisputed / fixed / definite fact. First , the existence of political will in the Republic of Macedonia to initiate proceedings for the use of its inalienable and nothing unlimited international legally - recognized right to wear the name of their choice, secondly , making good legal and political strategy , and , thirdly, a strong lobby countries that recognize us under its constitutional name , in order to eliminate any uncertainty and doubt and to strengthen position in all of them recognizing that under our constitutional name is definitely done.

7.  According to you what is the problem of Greece and Macedonia ?

· The problem is in Greece itself and its conservative politicians . Greece najkonzervativnata European country and that today , in the second decade of the XXI century concerns like living in XVIII century . This attitude gives me the right to say that the Greeks with half closed eyes I slept a long time behind us . Eksremniot Greek nationalism can not be reconciled with the fact that there is a genuine Macedonian nation with its own history , tradition and culture .

8. Originally announced request for kosenzualen president and now Civil Society Wake up , the Albanians called for a boycott of this presidential election , your comment ? What is a consensus president and that is your position on the call of this association ?

· The issue of consensus president is a matter of time that is long behind us . DUI presently not explain what , that consensus candidate for president and think that is the cost of this proposal ?! . For me it is more than a cheap political hypocrisy and marketing to speak for a consensus candidate for president as an attempt at a modern inter-ethnic cohabitation in a situation when you have increased inter-ethnic animosity and mistrust in the state , while you are the one who should relax these relations . The consensus is unanimous decision or process of deciding which is based on , the rule of the majority , " but the greatest possible support and agreement within a party , group , country etc. . If mislea that the candidate should be nominated by the political parties in our country then questioned the meaning of pluralism . If it mislea candidate to be proposed by the coalition government then has to speak for a consensus candidate of the ruling parties , and not the citizens of the Republic . Macedonia . I prefer to think and advocate for consensual elected president than the consensus candidate for president. As for the call for boycott I think that there is nothing new because the previous election for President of the Republic . Macedonia , the Albanian ethnic community , except in the case of Boris Trajkovski , and was willing and ready ( with frequent exceptions ) his voice to give the candidate a Macedonian, even when there was a coalition agreement between the Macedonian and Albanian political parties , not like this .

9.  Lastly you need to have in your program and what facilities should possess (to realize its program) the next President of the Republic of Macedonia ?

Those candidates who eventulano will appear later that quickly ( flashback , sediment ) will , make program  "program must innately know that the program is not an ordinary sheet of paper but a precious document that tells about the severity and the capacity of the candidate . Certainly a program must include commitments, views and suggestions within the constitutional and legal powers of the president , or that being realistic vision for the future of the country. As for the qualities of the next president certainly should be: honesty , professionalism , patriotism , avtoritetnost , inegritet , charisma , diligence , vigor , willingness to face all challenges , respect razlichitostite simply be a man of the people man of the people who in the foreground will be national and state interests .

Prof. Dr. Jove Kekenovski

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