IDF strikes 40 Hamas targets in Gaza

The Israeli Defense Force said in a statement that it resumed attacks on the Gaza Strip Saturday afternoon, striking 'terror targets' in the Hamas-run enclave following a night-long rocket barrage into Israel early Saturday morning..

The IDF Spokesperson's Office said that over the course of an hour (Saturday) the IDF attacked dozens of military targets in four military compounds belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization throughout the Gaza Strip.

"At the focus of the attack was a large-scale attack on the headquarters of the Hamas battalion in Beit Lahiya, where they attacked training areas for urban warfare, warehouses for the storage of weapons, training compounds, war rooms, offices and more."

"In addition, a site was targeted that manufactured weapons and storage facilities for various means, including military capabilities of Hamas' naval wing."

"This attack is an expression of the intelligence and operational capabilities of the IDF, which can intensify and expand according to need and assess the situation," it said.

"The attack was carried out in response to the terror attacks carried out by the Hamas terrorist organization against Israeli citizens and their sovereignty along the fence and through the terror of fire, as well as the firing from the Gaza Strip towards southern communities during the night."

"The terrorist organization Hamas continues to lead terror against Israeli citizens and security infrastructures that protect them, violates Israeli sovereignty and endangers the citizens of Israel and the security forces. Hamas' terrorist activities, which are carried out in the guise of civilians, endanger the residents of Gaza and also harm the humanitarian efforts that Israel is making," the IDF stated.

"The IDF considers the terror activities of the Hamas terrorist organization to be harsh, and the IDF is prepared for a variety of scenarios and is determined to continue its mission to protect the citizens of Israel," it added.

Following the resumption of strikes from Israel, red alert sirens blared across communities on the border with Gaza.

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