Interview: Dear Zmijanac - Director of the First Children's Embassy in the World

Exclusively for Falanga MA Dragi Zmijanac, founder and director of the First Children's Embassy in the World ..

1. From when the First Children's Embassy in the World exists in Macedonia ?

- First Children's Embassy in the World was established on 29 April 1992 in Skopje , first registered as an international, nonprofit, nonpartisan and nongovernmental organization for the protection of children's rights in Macedonia .

The idea is since 1991 in the small town of the World, the triangle between Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia , where encountered Islam , Catholicism and Orthodoxy , was named Children's small town country in the World . To be embassy should meet several conditions , and it is having a territory and a people. The territory declared , was ceded approximately 30 000 m2 , there had to be built first Children's Embassy in the World and said that all the children of the world regardless of their skin color , social status , educational status , are the most numerous people in the world and this Embassy will defend the interests of children people. Then began the war in the former Yugoslavia , the embassy which was to be built in the small town of the World dislocated in Sarajevo , at the initiative of my colleague and wife Gordana , she contacted the creator of the idea Dusko Tomic and he gave consent to establish a consulate in here RM . I was very close to surrounding the launch of the First Children 's Embassy , until I realized that this is a great worldwide movement that has a lot to help , and are found in key moments for children affected by war even when we were not even registered , one appeal of Jutel Alexander Michich urged Macedonian citizens to foster children refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Gordana as coordinator of the establishment of the Consulate -General at the time, went to MTV , and April 12, 1992 supported the appeal of Sarajevo , and began the evacuation of children from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, Macedonia . Paler Macedonia meet to give a plane , the first refugees arrived , they were welcomed by many celebrities , Dragan Mijalkovski , Esma Redzepova , Dimitar Hristov , all joined to zgrizhime refugees , and so we actually started . We started informally , register on 29 April after several years intensive care for refugees , began with projects relating to children in Macedonia asked the creator of the idea to raise the level of the General Consulate of the Embassy and the mother- daughter become two sister organizations develop its diplomatic corps , our own general consulates , honorary ambassadors , honorary vice -consuls around the world have their own diplomatic documents . At first Interior Ministry Department for Administration of borders and foreigners gave us diplomatic documents , according to the status of the First Children's Embassy in Article 10 and 11 , we have build own diplomatic network worldwide .

2. What stands Children's Embassy in the World ?

- Embassy in the World is committed to respecting children's personality through the protection of children's rights , children's advocacy and through the enrichment of life with activities that make childhood a safe and creative . It strengthens the NGO movement for the rights of the child developing the voluntary approach to work and take care of the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Its activities and tasks Međaši acting exercises in the following areas : psycho -social , legal and others . of support for children who need help with a particular emphasis on marginalized children , monitoring children's rights and promotion of child rights in the country and abroad ; Taking initiatives to improve the legal framework for child protection in the Republic of Macedonia and its implementation Activities and building peace and nonviolent conflict resolution .

In pursuit of its mission Međaši in the past conducted close cooperation with the competent authorities , agencies and institutions , other NGOs , and the media . The most common is a collaboration with the Centers for Social Work Ombudsman , the media , the Broadcasting Council ...

  Međaši a member and actively collaborates with international organizations for the rights of the child such as : Global Campaign for Education, The European Federation for Street Children, Global March against Child Labour, Child Helpline International, European Children's Network; EUROCHILD; Human Rights House Network; Child Rights Information Network; UNITER for Intercultural Action.

  Međaši a founder and member of several local coalitions of civil society organizations : Macedonian coalition of NGOs monitoring the Rights of the Child ( informal coalition ) Civic Platform of Macedonia Coalition " All for Fair Trials" Macedonia without discrimination .

3. I report some types of violence children , I have listed the contact where to turn to get in communication with the team of the World ?

- Children rarely report abuse or if it does it apply in exceptional cases and do not know where to turn . Njachesto report Semyon violence obrakjaanja all other information relating to children 's rights and information where to edu if some of their rights infringed . Contact can be made in the following ways : by calling SOS phone for children and youth 0800 1 2222 , by calling the phone fixed the First Children 's Embassy 2465-316 through our email address and [email protected] [email protected], the Facebook page of the First Children's Embassy in the World, by mail and by coming directly at the first Children 's Embassy .

4. Speaking of kids , do you think that children in Macedonia are not misused for political purposes ? If there is such information as the World takes in such cases ?

- The involvement of children in a political campaign against the Convention on the Rights of the Child, according to which children should be protected from all types of abuse and manipulation . The Declaration on the protection of children from abuse and political manipulation adopted in Parliament in the 1991 Law on Child Protection and the Law on Primary and Secondary Education , which among other things , prohibits political organization , action and abuse of children .

For a longer period continuously observe that children and youth are exploited in the interests of certain political parties for party rallies or protests , where the intensity of the violence escalates and where questioning the safety and lives of children , without being asked responsibility of political parties .

Children waving party flags will be used as party decor without anyone to take responsibility or to take sanctions against those who violate the rights of children and do not respect legal legislation . Prekresheni series of legal documents and laws, which clearly prohibited any party abuse of children for political purposes . It is visible during this campaign , we have registered as child abuse for political purposes and these local elections . First Children's Embassy in the World encourage citizens to report such cases to assist in efforts to condemn and eradicate this practice .

Experience shows that children and young enough to be reviewed as pushed , not enough parental control over the political engagement of young people and the possible consequences thereof , will review it for such purposes and causes advocate , whose interests I bring life in danger . Give the impression that you do not know what the protest or campaigning for a political party , easily manipulate them to attend party rallies or protests , especially through social networks , and very quickly create a critical mass based on hatred , nationalism and chauvinism . It poisons the young , and while I would say the political parties schadenfreude you see and just take care of their positions and interests , without having to bear the responsibility for the riots that occurred , and successfully hide the behind.

They are an instrument in the hands of political parties . Many young people are convinced that they know what it zalaagaat , for what purposes bring life in danger , without having debates , forums with the other party who have other arguments and beliefs . But generally , those who took the children to protest , knowing that children are easy to manipulate , they are not responsible politicians and toying with fate of children , not taking into account that tomorrow their children may be victims of a group of young organizairana instructed by certain political parties , taking only considered their own goals and interests . Political parties are guided by the motto " the end justifies the means" , not taking into account that it is very risky to be encouraged and to encourage child, or someone who depends on the fate of his life , especially in such risky situations and risky behaviors , where what's retaliation or reaction that can de police ended in injury or arrest of the involved children and youth during protests or political rallies ..

5. 2013 how many cases you have registered , and often the kind of violence were report ?

- In 2013 the SOS phone for children and Youth , registered 279 contacts , which are communicated later further 969 times . Additional communication is to inform whistleblowers measures taken by us , which answers the competent institutions and their information to us for any resulting changes in the reported case . The total number of registered callers during 2013 279th Of these, only 12 children had the courage to report the violence or violation of some of their rights .

   Based on the information we have received about possible violations of children's rights and are structured according to the number of children included in these cases , it is a total of 408 children , where there are suspicions of a possible violation of their rights . The data show that poverty is one of the biggest problems faced by children and their families . This data indicates that the financial and social situation of families is extremely difficult and requires more attention and support from relevant institutions in order to prevent further violations of children's rights .

  The most typical data that can distinguish children who are included in the reported cases of possible violations of their rights , registered in Međaši are:

 Poverty -79 children from the total number of children potential victims living on the edge of existence , in substandard conditions .

 Domestic violence 62 children of the total number of potential victims were children unprotected and exposed to violence in their families .

 Divorce proceedings -51 children were potential victims of violations of the rights of the child in divorce proceedings

 doubts about the political abuse of children - 40 children of the total number of children potential victims , suspected of possible political abuse

 Problem - housing 37 children of the total number of registered cases have problems with housing.

 suspicion of sexual abuse - nine children were victims of sexual abuse or suspected sexual abuse by a close acquaintance or a child - victim

6th There are changes to the Criminal Code that allows start of chemical castration of pedophiles , who are they?

- Our extensive advocacy and lobbying for stricter punishment of pedophiles and chemical castration as a preventive measure in reducing recidivism yielded fruit . Makedonskite lawmakers voted our proposals for amendments to the Criminal Code that allows the start of the chemical castration of pedophiles . Lawmakers are commendable . We are pleased with the adopted amendments . Of the three proposals in the package of the First Children's Embassy in the World are two accepted and chemical castration of pedophiles after they get out of prison and increasing penalties for pedophiles . With our lobbying changes were made to the Criminal Code and provides for the offense of sexual abuse of a child under 14 years , the basic form of pedophilia , predicting imprisonment instead of 8 years to grow to at least 12 years . In qualificatory form of sexual intercourse or other sexual act upon a child under 14 , a serious bodily injury , death or other serious consequence , now provides a minimum sentence of 15 years to life in prison .

7. Your proposal was released offenders pedophiles to be equipped with electric rings , but he was not accepted into the law? What specifically will your postigeshe if this proposal was accepted , and why do you not accepted ?

- Not only our proposal is accepted compulsory wearing of JPS or electronic bracelets as a preventive measure against pedophiles . We do not know the reasons for this is accepted preventive measure why it will let the police rapid response in case a pedophile to find near a school or a place where a child could become a victim . While no central registry for convicted pedophiles ever think that by carrying electronically links the police would have more insight on his movement and preventing a new attack or rape the next child victim .

8. How many children are victims of sexual abuse in Macedonia and whether such child abuse report ?

- During the year 2013 we have obtained information about 9 children suspected of sexual abuse by a loved one or acquaintance of the child . Decat never privajuvaat sexually nasiltvo , report tha eodnesuvaat this problem have been reported by an adult (parent / guardian or relative of the child pka ) . Often children who are victims of sexual abuse village eplashat declare themselves feel guilty about what happens considering that they influence and incite the offender to abuse.

9. On the opening day of the World until now how many children prijavuvale SOS phone ?

- According to the data over the 20 years of the SOS telephone for children and youth 0800 1 2222, the total number of calls the largest number were speeches by children , 7699 , or 70 % , until 3306 or 30 % adults (parents / starteli , grandparents neighbors ... ) we asked for help and support.

- Data by age of child callers

When it comes to the age of the callers children - largest number of children aged 13 to 18 , or 82 % , or 6329 , while children under the age of 12 years is 18 % or 1370th

From these data we can come to the conclusion that in 20 years there as SOS phone for children and young people , the majority of calls are from children . But what we would like to point out that in recent years we have noted a drastic reduction in calls from children . In the beginning , the opening of the SOS telephone for children and youth , children appeared to problems associated with their period of growth and development as: impaired communication with peers , parents , love and personal problems , problems with self-acceptance etc. . In recent years, issues relating to children are increasingly associated with violence against children (physical , psychological , seksualano ) related to violations of children's rights in divorce proceedings , problems with poverty , nevkluchenost in the educational process , child labor , internet abuse etc. .

One of the reasons for reducing the number of calls by kids think it is the very nature of the problems faced by children and the nature of such problems requires calls to be more than the adults .

Another reason , which we often mention, is that children are afraid to report violence because they lack sufficient knowledge of the ways in which institutions will help and for that reason more choose to remain silent .

10. Does in our country has enough centers for addicts and centers for children victims of pedophilia or sexual violence such store in the abuse ?

- It is not taboo nor in Europe nor in the world to talk about kids who take drugs. But there is no greater sin in a society where children can not give medical care. In Macedonia, no health institution treats children addicted to drugs , and the number of children enjoying growing drugs . Children who take drugs on a daily Skopje streets downtown . Children have barely a dozen years and already breathe glue the eyes of other people. Frightening how can institutions to see poor children , not to take anything .

First Children's Embassy in the World in order to more appropriately handled by the child victim of sexual abuse , pedophilia and incest proposes opening shelters for child victims of sexual abuse , especially child care in the first 72 hours , with strengthening foster families in other cities nepsotojat puslovi to open shelters .

During the procedure of proving guilt of the offender must not allow the child dealing with victim offender because it causes additional psychological trauma , confidence in the efficiency and effectiveness of the system of care. Although the Juvenile Justice provided the child to a maximum of 2 to 3 statements that we strive to be a statement and it specijalan screen room in the presence of a judge , social worker , psychologist , educator and a police inspector in civilian clothes . Video arguments will be used in the further course of the proceedings in proving guilt ....

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