Interview: Lazar Koteski:We will implement the irrigation system of Strezevo

Whenever something promised Lazar Kotevska fulfill promises and it is respected by all..

1.The road from the village  Zhivojno to Sveti Ilija is asphalting, tell us more about this?

Yes, last week we started construction work on the paving of the road from the village Zhivojno to Sveti Ilija length of 1 km , with funding from the Agency for financial support of agriculture and rural development.The event attended by locals and municipal administracija.Vo strategy and program municipality Novaci have planned maintenance and paving of roads and streets and this program is provided and paving of streets and Novaci Butch and already started paving the road Brod in length from 3 km.Vkupniot amount of assets agency this year was 30 million .

2. Recently announced the construction of a small hydropower plant , it is hydro power plant , if this is the first such facility to be built in this place ?

This is the second such small hydropower that will be built on the river Konjarka 1 megavat.Opshtina Novaci organized a public debate on the strategic environmental assessment for infrastructure projects for the construction of small hydropower CP 26 and CP 1405, CM Skocivir M . C. Konjarka . This procedure is one of the regulars whose implementation is devolved to local samouprava.Na presentation highlighted some remarks on the strategic assessment of the environmental impact . President of the local community s.Skochivir noted that the construction of hydroelectric previous river was muddy landslides because of certain land and was asked to construct a facility if something happened like residents to be informed about the quality and the possibility of using water pienje.Od local community indicated that they are available to investors but urged the need of employment to be considered residents of this township .

3.Independent evaluation team scan operation and learning center for early childhood development " Bambi " in Novaci for the period 2005-2012 , which are the results you expect and that they would show in your opinion ?

Centre for Early Childhood Development " Bambi " in Novaci running since 2004 and has so far visited about 200 children osnovanjeto.Stanuva for very successful center and expressed a desire for an independent evaluation team to scan their work and process of teaching period 2005-2012 godina.Rezultatite evaluation should demonstrate how the standards for early childhood development to reflect the development of children in the first 5 years of zhivotot.Jas while I'm mayor of Novaci will do everything in my power these children from rural areas to receive the best education and not lag behind children who grow up in urban sredini.M nogu 'm happy with the progress of the children's playroom and I know that parents are satisfied . The results of the evaluation will be published on the website UNICEF.Nezavisniot team was comprised of two members Annis Valya and Enis Eminovska .

4. The municipality Novaci in 2014 continued with workshops , which will last activity was in view of these workshops, which are discussed tema ?

Cultural innovation Novaci Club recently organized the third annual educational workshop entitled " The impact of alcohol and smoking on health psihofizichkoto " within the project fitness and better health education program . The whole project hit a very good acceptance by the local population as fitness exercises that are organized twice a week and for these health educational workshops . The workshop was a presentation Dr. Daniela TRAJKOVSKA specialist in psychiatry at the Clinical hospital Bitola . The purpose of this project is the rural women to improve the quality of life . The realization of this project in collaboration with " Friends of Macedonia " (Frends of Macedonia) and support from the Municipality Novaci .

5. It started functioning border kindergarten that regularly educates children from novachkoto border village Germijan to inform readers of the Phalanx more about this kindergarten ?

Launched border kindergarten that regularly educates children from novachkoto border village Germijan weekly 11 to 13 30 pm . This is a project of IPA CBC Macedonia - Greece from 2007 to 2013 and carry high medical school in Bitola and NGO " Life Start ." This educational project includes 150 children from 10 border villages and realize specialized edukatori.Se sosredstva financed from European funds under the education program standards in child development that has been prepared by the Office of UNICEF , together with MLSP RM.Na of the way we want our children to be socialized and gradskite.Zatoa is this floating kindergarten .

6. Which are  your most important plans for the future as mayor of Novaci ?

One of the most important activities we are implementing hydro irrigation Strezevo novachko in the field which will irrigate about 3000 hectares of arable land and will have the greatest benefit local farmers .

Certainly another bigger project implementation we paarno heating of REK Bitola municipality Novaci which will become the first rural municipality in which you have this type of heating. This will take apart household and greenhouse production or for heating plastenicite.Proektot expected to be completed in 2016.

In the end, the procedures for opening the industrial zone will offer plots for sale on the local and foreign investors .

Already at the end of construction with modern tennis court aprterno Rapid s.Dobromiri will soon be officially put into operation the new municipal building, urban arrangement of the yard , monument grandfather Koljo Duke and fountain . Zapochanata construction of multipurpose sports hall and playground in the village . Novaci .

In the next period, full paving the road Gneotino Ship - length of 5 km and recently started asflatiranje 3km from the road which is very important because in a way means connecting with old municipality Novaci municipality Bach.Potoa accordance with the program plan year and each paving of local streets throughout the municipality length of 3 km , then the reconstruction of the water supply taps 5 : Staravina Zovich , Budimirci Gradesnica and reconstruction of the municipal hall , construction of three chapels in churches Novaci , and DOBROMIROV Germijan , reconstruction of the home culture Germijan , shop s.Zovikj , cleaning drains and inlet ducts through villages length of 15 km , construction and concreting of channels through the villages to collect rainwater in length from 1 km reconstruction of regional road Novaci DOBROMIROV - length of 3.5 km , construction of water supply in s.Dobroveni and dam , editing channel c . Germijan and construction of pedestrian crossing bridges , building eshachki s.Gradeshnica bridge , construction of multipurpose playground in Lower Aglarci , reconstruction and renovation of a multipurpose building where Novaci will be placed NGOs and cultural associations and craft centers and workshops , construction of access road to the monastery of s.Skochivir Arhangjech Mikhail length of 750 meters .

This planned major capital projects of the municipality Novaci , but certainly there will be many more smaller projects ongoing .

7. Have you got a message for expatriates in Australia?

I would like to inform you that our emigrants regularly keep in touch with them.At the 2011 I visited Australia where made ​​eye meeting with mayors of Dandenong , Bendigo and Melbourne and Whittlesea City Rokdejl in Sydney . I would like to tell them that they should come and their place of origin to visit to see that we are doing in Macedonia to improve living conditions for locals to visit their homes and eventually return here again zhiveat.Isto you would like to call to invest in the municipality Novaci because very soon will begin work industrial zone and we as local government they have available and their exits ahead in solving all the problems and obstacles .

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