A political analysis by Vangel Paterov.

My weekly articles covered a report on The Sons and Daughters o Alexander the Great Coffee Club at our session.Hopefully the ban will not last more than another two months and we can go back to normality.The Coronavirus is slowing down in Australia and a few other states,but USA,Europe,Iran and a few others have copped the brunt of it.

Tonight I want to express my thoughts on Macedonia,our Ancestral home where it’s at with all its problems and the pain the Macedonians are going through at home and the Diaspora.

I ask the question why are we suffering? What is the cause ? How can we solve it?

I think all Macedonians on a world level probably ask themselves the same question.

What I am going to say may offend some of you,but truth is painful,but it should be taken on board if it can improve you life and bring a direction leading to happiness and stability and stronger relationship with your family members and others.
My wife Sophie and I like many others believe that stability,happiness,success starts from home.

Why? You may ask.Lets look at a couple,a man and a woman,they meet,they fall in love,they get married.All well and good.They are blessed with children.Due to their strong love the children live in an atmosphere of love.Due to that the closeness ,bonding all contribute to the happiness and there is understanding and discipline..They all work the children at education and the parents at their jobs.

This is a quality family.If you have loving and progressive families you will have quality community..

I will not mention the alternative family,as all of you know they exist in our Community.
We have many quality families and individuals that have worked hard with discipline achieving their their goals in life. Not only in Australia but on a world level and Macedonia-Doctors Solicitors, Psychiatrist,Teachers,Writers,Pianists,Composers,Poets,Professors,Film Directors etc...

Than there is Successful Macedonian Business people on a world level.

The most disappointing people have being our politicians and their parties.

They have failed us to bring stability and a better future for theMacedonia population.

The legal system has no power due the crooked and corrupt politicians that control it.

The two largest parties DPMNE and SDSM have being in Government alternating since Macedoniа voted to break away from the Yugoslavian Federation in 1991.

It is ludicrous to see the present Government of Zaev to sellout our name,identity,history,to Greece for Macedonia to become member of NATO and further down the tract the EUROPEAN UNION.

This is totally due to the inept politicians enslaving the Macedonian people in a one sided Prespa Agreement.This is an example of what I was saying before non-quality individuals bring our Ancestral home to ruin.The future is bleak for our Macedonia.


The forthcoming Elections in Macedonia are to be feared as the dominant and bigger parties could be voted in and form Government in Coalition of an Albanian party.

The only bright light is the new formed Party on the scene INTERGRA with its powerful Leader Professor Lupco Ristovski.

I have had the pleasure of meeting him when he was visiting Australia and he came to THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT COFFEE CLUB session .He was interviewed by ZHIVAN .

He was most impressive.I believe his policies are great and he has a good team.

He is a believer and not corrupted. Macedonia and Macedonians need new blood of politicians that you will most comfortable. Professor Lupco Ristovski has made an impact and in a recent poll INTEGRA was leading in a poll DPMNE AND SDSM.


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