(VIDEO) Smoke from Australia's bushfires shrouds New Zealand as glaciers turn brown

Snowy glaciers in New Zealand are being turned into streams of caramel after thick bushfire smoke blew from Australia across the Tasman sea..

Smoke from Australia’s bushfires has created a haze across New Zealand thousands of kilometres away with normally white glaciers turning a shade of caramel, according to social media posts Thursday.

The Bureau of Meterology issued a warning on Thursday saying 'extensive smoke haze' was extending as far as the north Central Coast of NSW and across the Tasman Sea.

The acrid-smelling smoke first appeared in the country early Wednesday when in many areas the sun appeared as either a red or golden orb, depending on the thickness of the haze.

Smoke which has travelled around 2,000km across the Tasman Sea can clearly be seen, New Zealand’s official forecaster MetService tweeted.

Visibility in the smoke haze is as low as 10km in the worst affected areas.

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