(VIDEO) The Macedonians resisted to take down the Macedonian flag in front of the Whittlesea Council

Tense situation ahead of the Whittlesea Council meeting in Melbourne.

This Tuesday afternoon, a council meeting was scheduled at the Whittlesea Council in South Morang in Melbourne's northern suburbs. Before the meeting however, an incident erupted in front of the City Council 

Namely, there was a group of Macedonians in front of the council who were there to follow the meeting as Cr. Emilia Lisa Sterjova's position as mayor of the City of Whittlesea as under a question mark after she was photographed holding a Macedonian flag with the Kutlesh sun, which allegedly was found offensive by the Greek community.

The Macedonians showed up the the meeting to support Cr. Sterjova, who is also of Macedonian descent.

One of the attending Macedonians was holding a Macedonian flag with the Kutlesh sun about half an hour before the meeting, when people were starting to gather up in front of the Whittlesea City Council.

When one of the council members in the Council arrived, he asked the Macedonian to take down the flag.

The Macedonian refused to take down their flag and did not allow the council member to disrespect their heritage and culture.

In the meantime, the police arrived after they were informed that there will be a number of people attending the council meeting.

The Police carefully interviewed both The Macedonians and the council member, and came to a decision that the Macedonians can keep their flag as it is a democratic right of every Australian citizen to practice their culture in Australia.

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